Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Wandering around the René Daniëls show today at the Camden Arts Centre my friend pointed out a glaring potential problem with my preferred installation, namely; would a floor based piece be overwhelmed / lost against the parquet floor? Can't get down to the space until Friday, when I'll take a sample to try against the floor, in the meantime I'll carry on with my original idea as I need X metres but presently only have Y. (Measurements necessary vague due to piece not actually measured yet).
I don't need this kind of uncertainty so close to the show!

There is a secondary space available. It's approximately 8 x 5 metres. It has a floor to ceiling mirror all the way down one wall. I'm thinking it would be ideal for a projected piece but if anyone has an idea and would like to do something ~ email or DM me on twitter

Ten days to go....

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