Monday, 18 October 2010

Karl's show

To see more of Karl's work, click here

Oliver's show

To see more of Oliver's work, click here


So that's it, The show has come and gone. I'd like to thank everyone that came and contributed to making it happen, particularly MusicRoomSpaceEvents for providing the venue!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Last chance

Confused that The Sunday Art Fair closed down on Saturday? Never mind, come down and see us instead. 12 - 5 and then we too are gone....

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Late post

1.40 in the morning, just in from installing the show.

It's late. good night.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Day of the install

Dreamt that Susan Sarandon was a hugely successful artist photographer, I was showing her my work and she was being vaguely dismissive. Despite what Susan thinks - today is the day the show goes up.
Last night and this morning have been working on the signage. Am off shortly to pick up venue keys and drop of some artwork.

Thursday, 14 October 2010


I am oscillating between being an artist and a gallerist. The artist is a little nervous that the concept of the install will fail but is adamant that it must be allowed to live or die on it's own terms. The gallerist is generally supportive of the artist but worries that the artist is too interested in the concept and not enough in providing a full and varied viewing experience. Both the artist and the gallerist thinks they are doing all the work. I am mediating.
Thankfully Oliver Gardiner is just getting on with it. Speaking of which, here is an enigmatic photo of the piece Oliver will be showing.


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Announcement #2

We have decided we will be having a private view. It will be on Saturday evening from 6 - 9pm


This entry begins with events yesterday at 4.30pm.

To South Molton Street to see owner, negotiated when I can gain access to the space on Friday afternoon.
At 5.30 met Oliver Gardiner, viewed space, talked about where and what to hang and other general exhibition frippery.

Across town to 'Physical Painting' pv at Fold Gallery where, amongst other things, I talked to a friend about how much 'art' there is in the piece I'm planning to show. How much 'art' there is your art is artist code for how much skill is inherent in the physical making of the artwork. Interesting subject.

10pm home to compose a mass mailout. Sent mailout, realised mailout has several typos.
This morning, continued gluing pieces of puzzle to perspex. Interspersed with major promotional push.
This took all day.
Evening, began work on designing signage, gallery layout, show and artist statements.


Announcement #1

I'm really pleased to be able to announce the participation of the artist Oliver Gardiner. Oliver makes videos which are then situated within a three dimensional constructed environment. Oliver's and my work will be hung separately in different parts of the building but are linked thematically by concerns including how narrative structures manifest themselves as physical structures. It's hoped the work shown will interact with the gallery in such a way as to make the architectural space integral to the work.

To see Oliver's website
click here

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Is he going to pull it off? A show in such a tight time-frame; is it possible?

Thinking about this blog (perhaps misplaced valuable thinking time). It occurred to me that it lacks a sense of urgency, of jeopardy. Any drama worth it's (emotionally manipulated) salt incorporates a healthy dose of jeopardy.

If art is made via a series of negations then one of the things I try to avoid are forced narrative constructs. So, yes, of course I'm going to get the show under control and up on time. I suppose if you demand a pinch of jeopardy you could ask yourself - is it going to be any good? That's still to be determined.

Aside - Love the fact that current project is so artless. It's like alchemy 

Four days to go....

Monday, 11 October 2010

Admin and girding of loins

Am I suffering from exhaustion? I tried to hail the tube train this morning as it drew into the station. This was for a site visit that I didn't need to make, I only realised this when I was wandering up Bond Street thinking 'what the hell am I here for'. Morning wasted.
Afternoon - resolved some time-tabling logistics via a few emails/phone calls. Having trashed a whole morning on a  pointless errand my work on the jigsaw piece went fortuitously fast. Was previously worried I would struggle to complete it in time for the show.
Evening - arranged to meet up with other artist tomorrow.

Five days to go....

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Have a visitor today who just happens to love doing jigsaws (no, I haven't told her what I said in my last blog post). I have done as much as I can bear but visitor won't countenance ditching half the pieces. This, I feel verifies my musing of the last post.

Six days to go....

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Calm before the storm

Woke up this morning thinking about how to hang the show. I think it's resolved but obviously my subconscious doesn't agree.

Have a weekend of putting jigsaws together, this is the most tedious part of the process. Probably just what I need after a week of over indulging at various show openings. Whenever I'm on jigsaw duty I can't help but marvel at what an uncreative, almost anally retentive past-time it is. Putting a jigsaw together is the most pointless activity I can think to do with my time. Hey-ho

Found a great artist at The Rhizomatic private view at the Departure Gallery last night, who I'm hoping will put something into the spare space next door. I made contact today - his participation is up in the air at the moment due to some time-tabling issues, if/when he confirms I'll post details here.

Seven days to go...

Friday, 8 October 2010

To do list

1/ To Mayfair to resolve possible floor/artwork clash.
2/ Down to Homerton where suitable jigsaws were thin on the ground.
3/ Over to my studio to collect part of the project and bring it home.
4/ Think about signage.
5/ Trek over to Southall to private view of  Rhizomatic at Departure Gallery. I have a large drawing in it.

Bated breath

Cruised my network of charity shops today to stockpile source material for final push. Generally fretted about content and promotion.

Hit the East End private views hard this evening. How this relates to my show next weekend I'm not sure....  let's call it research.

Nine days to go...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Wandering around the René Daniëls show today at the Camden Arts Centre my friend pointed out a glaring potential problem with my preferred installation, namely; would a floor based piece be overwhelmed / lost against the parquet floor? Can't get down to the space until Friday, when I'll take a sample to try against the floor, in the meantime I'll carry on with my original idea as I need X metres but presently only have Y. (Measurements necessary vague due to piece not actually measured yet).
I don't need this kind of uncertainty so close to the show!

There is a secondary space available. It's approximately 8 x 5 metres. It has a floor to ceiling mirror all the way down one wall. I'm thinking it would be ideal for a projected piece but if anyone has an idea and would like to do something ~ email or DM me on twitter

Ten days to go....

First post

Although it's almost entirely irrelevant, this blog started life as a title: Keeps Never Coming. It comes from a James Merrill poem. There's a link to it  here

There are three possible pieces I could show. One of them doesn't yet exist. I think I know which I'm going to go for, I just need to revisit the space as I think it's far bigger than my memory is insisting.

Eleven days to go....