Wednesday, 13 October 2010


This entry begins with events yesterday at 4.30pm.

To South Molton Street to see owner, negotiated when I can gain access to the space on Friday afternoon.
At 5.30 met Oliver Gardiner, viewed space, talked about where and what to hang and other general exhibition frippery.

Across town to 'Physical Painting' pv at Fold Gallery where, amongst other things, I talked to a friend about how much 'art' there is in the piece I'm planning to show. How much 'art' there is your art is artist code for how much skill is inherent in the physical making of the artwork. Interesting subject.

10pm home to compose a mass mailout. Sent mailout, realised mailout has several typos.
This morning, continued gluing pieces of puzzle to perspex. Interspersed with major promotional push.
This took all day.
Evening, began work on designing signage, gallery layout, show and artist statements.


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