Saturday, 9 October 2010

Calm before the storm

Woke up this morning thinking about how to hang the show. I think it's resolved but obviously my subconscious doesn't agree.

Have a weekend of putting jigsaws together, this is the most tedious part of the process. Probably just what I need after a week of over indulging at various show openings. Whenever I'm on jigsaw duty I can't help but marvel at what an uncreative, almost anally retentive past-time it is. Putting a jigsaw together is the most pointless activity I can think to do with my time. Hey-ho

Found a great artist at The Rhizomatic private view at the Departure Gallery last night, who I'm hoping will put something into the spare space next door. I made contact today - his participation is up in the air at the moment due to some time-tabling issues, if/when he confirms I'll post details here.

Seven days to go...

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